Training Programs


à     Management, Maintenance and Renovation of Condominium Housing Buildings


The training under the program Management, Maintenance and Renovation of Condominium Apartment Buildings consists of subject modules that introduce the definition, advantages and obligations of homeowners associations, their organization and structure. The program emphasizes on the necessity and rules for establishing and functioning of homeowners associations. Major subject module represents the essence and different types of property maintenance as well as the types of running costs. The training program shows the importance of long-term financial plan as well as the methods of its elaboration. Special attention is given to the types of conflicts in the homeowners association as well as to the approaches to deal with them. The program includes information about the energy efficiency of housing buildings – advantages and relation with investment and energy efficiency measures. The current housing and construction legislation in Bulgaria is extensively presented as well as the need for changes. The training program includes also information about existing instruments for subsidizing the renovation of condominium apartment buildings.




     Training program

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