ICE-WISH Project



Main project goal


The main goal of the project ICE-WISH is to decrease the expenditures for energy and water in social housing buildings by means of monitoring and management of energy consumption in real time. The project is financed by the European Commission, the Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation. The project team consists of 19 organizations from countries that are members of the European Union. Within the project framework in six countries – Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany and Greece, pilot social housing buildings are selected in which smart meters will be installed in order to measure and transmit in real time to the consumers and the building management information about the consumption of energy and water. The philosophy of the project is through the use of contemporary wireless equipment for monitoring to improve the awareness about the energy consumption in the housing buildings and thus, to decrease the energy consumption.


Project content


The project activities planned within the project implementations comprehend the following:

  1. Collection of data for the previous consumption during the last 12 months of energy and water within the residential building;
  2. Installment of necessary equipment for monitoring and reading in dwellings that are used by the tenants;
  3. Reading in real time by sensors and additional equipment installed next to the available reading equipment for the consumption of energy and water as well as the indoor temperature in the premises on typical spots;
  4. Wi-Fi transmission of the collected information to a data concentrator (hub) located in a protected place within the residential building and processing by special software;
  5. Visualization of the processed information by an internet portal/ web-site in order the building management and the residents/ tenants of monitored dwellings to have access permanently in the most convenient way and thus, to optimize their consumption;
  6. Comparison of the results from the energy and water consumption before and after the introduction of the equipment for monitoring and control.


Scheme of technical equipment for monitoring



Pilot building


The pilot building for ICE-WISH project is a renovated residential building with social rentals owned by the municipality of Shumen with total gross area of 1250 sqm and total heated area of 900 sqm.


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