Sustainable Management and Renovation of Condominium Buildings­


Block No.10 in Zaharna Fabrica housing estate in Sofia is the first fully renovated housing building in Bulgaria as a result of the implementation of Bulgarian-Dutch project Sustainable Management and Renovation of Condominium Buildings. Key aspect for the successful implementation is the effective collaboration between homeowners and consultants-investors from the Bulgarian Housing Association and the Dutch housing associations de Nieuwe Unie and Woondrecht. The project goal is to achieve is the improvement of the management and maintenance of existing condominium housing buildings by means of implementing an efficient organizational and financial scheme for renovation and management by the newly created homeowners association. A leading principle for financing is that the repayment of the loan is predominantly covered by the achieved savings from maintenance expenditures after the improved energy efficiency of the building. The results from the executed measures for insulation and renovation reach improvement of the living standard, decrease of energy expenditures and support for the future housing maintenance. A Certificate for Energy Characteristics of Building Category A is issued on 6 June 2006 and thus, block No.10 becomes the first certified existing housing building in Bulgria.





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