Urban Regeneration in Romania

The Role of Government, Civil Society, and Economic Stakeholders


1-2 November 2007

Bucharest, Romania


A delegation from the Union of Homeowners' Associations in Bulgaria has been invited to participate in the International Seminar that has been organised by the League of Homeowners Associations Habitat in cooperation Woonbron housing corporation and Foundation Housing+. The seminar is part of the implementation of a MATRA project. The International seminar emphasizes on the urban regeneration in Romania as a process of revitalisation of urban areas in cooperative effort by municipalities, homeowners and other stakeholders. Its aim is to improve the living conditions, increase the environmental and social quality, and strengthen the local economy. In Romania, urban regeneration will be one of the biggest challenges for the coming decades. Urban regeneration will be impossible without the involvement of homeowners and their organisations, and other stakeholders in civil society and in the local economy, particularly financiers and project developers. The objectives of the seminar are to raise awareness among stakeholders in Romania on urban regeneration, to provide a forum for the exchange of experience between the Netherlands and other countries, to address the different barriers to the process of urban regeneration.



     Working program of the International seminar

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