Civil Initiative "For 1 lev - Clean and Green Sofia"

Innovative approach for management and maintenance of amenities around condominium buildings


The problem of green areas in Sofia is a burning topic for discussion during the past years. Three years ago, a young family from block No.440 of Sofia housing estate Mladost 4 organized and financed the partial rehabilitation of playground for children that was located in the adjacent area to condominium building. The initiative is supported and followed by the neighbors who started to clean the green areas around. The municipality restores the rest of the benches. Prerequisites for realization of an old idea about regular maintenance of the adjacent areas are already in place. Homeowners from both condominium buildings make voluntary small monthly installments. Collected means are used for the purchase of instruments, materials and payment of workers for the maintenance of the territory. For three years now the civil initiative is successfully developed. The pleasant living environment is maintained by the established homeowners association.





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