Good Practices of Homeowners Associations - Essence and Importance


The Union of Homeowners Associations in Bulgaria (САС) unites homeowners in condominium multi-story apartment buildings in order to achieve high quality of living environment and to strengthen and develop the principles of civil society. It creates opportunity to protect the common interests of homeowners, to collect and disseminate necessary information and training in order to execute the activities related to maintenance, management and renovation of existing multi-story apartment buildings. The goals of the Union of Homeowners Associations are related with the support when establishing homeowners associations of multi-story condominium buildings in Bulgaria and other attendant organizations and activities for the proper maintenance and efficient management of these buildings. Main objective of CAC is the elaboration and implementation of programs for information and training related to the effective management and maintenance of condominium buildings. In this respect a very important instrument for the fulfillment of the mission of the Union of Homeowners Associations in Bulgaria (CAC) is the dissemination of information for good practices that are already realized by its member-founders. This experience would support the initiatives of new homeowners associations in Bulgaria and would strengthen the pro-active attitude of homeowners when implementing the principles of civil society for the realization of projects related to the maintenance and management of existing housing stock in Bulgaria, the adjacent territories and the improvement of the overall living environment.

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