Cooperation with Habitat League from Romania


The Homeowners’ Associations League – HABITAT of Romania (HAL-Habitat) is a non-governmental and non-profit federation of homeowners’ and tenants’ associations. The overall objective of the HAL-Habitat is to preserve and protect the rights and interests of homeowners’ and tenants’ associations in their relations with public or private agents, legal or natural persons. HAL-Habitat has developed a wide range of co-operation projects with the central and local administrative authorities (several ministries, city and town halls, police departments, housing services regulation agencies and providers). Most of all, the target is the promotion of good relations between the citizens and the official authorities based upon principle of equal status.


Since 2007, the Union of Homeowners Associations in Bulgaria (CAC) maintains and further develops the cooperation with the Homeowners Associations League – Habitat of Romania. Both organizations actively shares knowledge and experiences as well as good practices information in the field of community development and homeowners’ associations’ involvement in the overall process of housing renovation and maintenance.


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