CAC Mission

The main goals of the Union of Homeowners Associations (CAC) evolve from the necessity to unite the homeowners in condominium apartment buildings in order to achieve high quality of living environment and to strengthen and develop the principles of civil society. This creates possibility to defend common interests of homeowners, to collect and disseminate the necessary information and training in order to perform the needed activities for maintenance, management and renovation of multi-story apartment buildings. The goals of the organisation are:

  • To support the establishment of homeowners associations in multi-story apartment buildings as well as other organizations and activities that are necessary for the maintenance and efficient management of those buildings; 
  • To support its members in regard to necessary activities for the management and maintenance of the property they own; 
  • To support creating and improving the needed legal framework that regulates the efficient management and maintenance of condominium apartment buildings in Bulgaria;
  • To create and implement programs for information and training in efficient management and maintenance of condominium apartment buildings.


The Union of Homeowners Associations (CAC) has been established within the frame of the project ‘Sustainable Housing Management in Bulgaria. Improving the Capacity of Homeowners Associations of Multi-family Apartment Buildings’ that is financed by MATRA Programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

CAC Activities

The Union of Homeowners Associations (CAC) aims to achieve its objectives through the following activities:

  • Creating a permanent system of training, consultancy and mediation for homeowners and homeowners associations in condominium apartment buildings in regard to the legal aspects of homeownership and co-ownership in condominium buildings; contracting of necessary services for the functioning and renovation of the property; technical and constructive aspects of the maintenance and renovation of condominium buildings; accountancy and financial reporting of homeowners associations; possibilities for financing the maintenance and renovation of condominium buildings.
  • Providing information in regard to different aspects of homeownership in condominium buildings through printed and electronic editions.
  • Attracting the attention of public authorities and society to the problems of homeowners in condominium buildings through public discussions, media, seminars, etc.
  • Protecting the interests of homeowners and homeowners associations through assistance for the improvement of existing regulatory framework.
  • Representing the homeowners and their associations in front of relevant international organizations.

CAC Centre for Sustainable Housing

CAC Centre for Sustainable Housing was established to support the urban housing management and renovation process through a suite of consulting services, knowledge transfer and training programmes addressing the quality and sustainability of the built environment. The organisation has a particular focus on improving energy performance and alleviating energy poverty during the entire building lifecycle. CAC Centre for Sustainable Housing maintains a strong research platform and network of housing professionals and energy efficiency experts specialised in providing guidance and expertise in analysing end user behaviour and empowering homeowners to take on an active role in the complex process of managing and renovating homes in an affordable and sustainable way as part of the clean energy transition. CAC Centre for Sustainable Housing aims to help cultivate the ability of residents to identify with the place in the wider context of achieving a high-performing and healthy built environment which is of paramount importance to people and planet alike.

The CAC web-site has been kindly supported by the Matra Programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands