Project Zaharna Fabrica 


In 2004 an energy efficient reconstruction and renovation of block No.10 in Zaharna Fabrica housing estate of Sofia is executed within the framework of the project Sustainable Management and Renovation of Condominium Buildings that is implemented by the Bulgarian Housing Association with the decisive contribution and support of the Dutch housing associations ‘de Nieuwe Unie’ from Rotterdam and ‘Woondrecht’ from Dordrecht. The reconstruction includes new architectural reconsideration of attics, reconstruction of existing attic premises, building of two new attic premises, applying of thermal and hydro insulation of the roof, and complete thermal insulation of external walls of the building. As result from the project and the overall thermal insulation the building has reached specific energy and heating characteristics, ventilators and pumps as well as integrated energy characteristic that are in accordance with the requirements for Certificate A for energy efficiency. This determines block No.10 as highly energy efficient building. The Certificate A for energy efficiency characteristics of the building is officially issued on 06.06.2006. Thus, block No.10 is the first existing multi-story apartment building in Bulgaria that is energy certified.



     Comparison of energy efficiency of Block №10 and Block №11 in Zaharna Fabrica housing estate, Sofia

     Cerificate for energy characteristics of building category А - Block №10 in Zaharna Fabrica housing estate, Sofia



Project Ljulin


The first energy audit of panel apartment building (block 031 in Ljulin housing estate of Sofia) was prepared within the framework of the MATRA project ‘Sustainable Housing Management in Bulgaria. Improving the Capacity of Homeowners Associations of Multi-family Apartment Buildings’. After the accomplishment of the energy audit the newly established homeowners association in the pilot panel building applied for a loan at the Energy Efficiency Fund in order to start a housing renovation project.



     Report for energy audit of Block №031 in Ljulin housing estate, Sofia

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