Ministries, state agencies and commissions

Agency for Cadastre

Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency

Bulgarian Telecommunications Company

Communications Regulation Commission

Directorate for National Construction Control

Energy Efficiency Agency

Financial Supervision Commission

General Directorate for Civil Registration and Administrative Service

General Tax Directorate

Ministry of Economy and Energy

Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works

National Electrical Company

National Health Insurance Fund

National Social Security Institute

National Statistical Institute

State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission  


Nongovernmental organisations

Balkan Assist

Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry 

Bulgarian Construction Chamber

Bulgarian Housing Association

Bulgarian Industrial Association


Foundation for Local Government Reform

Institute for Market Economics

National Center for Regional Development

National Association of Municipalities in Republic of Bulgaria

Paragraph 22

Urban International Associates



Bulgarian Energy Efficiency Fund

National Housing Renovation Program in Republic of Bulgaria

Residential Energy Efficiency Credit Line 


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