What is the CAC Help Desk?

What does the CAC Help Desk provide as type and content of services?

To whom the CAC Help Desk is dedicated?

How is the CAC Help Desk giving support?



What is the CAC Help Desk?


The CAC Help Desk is aimed to help, train and support all existing and future associations of homeowners in Bulgaria. Another sphere of action of the Help desk is on-spot consultancy support of different activities related to the renovation, management and maintenance of multistory condominium apartment buildings. The main principle of its activity is the combination and value added mutual correlation of consultancy services, professional support and training methods of products to be provided by CAC Help Desk in the following main directions of activity: 


  • Consultancy services, advisory and support for homeowners and homeowners associations


  • Training of existing and perspective homeowners associations – current and potential institutional and individual members of CAC


  • Consultancy support on the implementation of housing renovation, management and maintenance projects to be realized by current and potential institutional and individual members of CAC 


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What does the CAC Help Desk provide as type and content of services?

The Help Desk of CAC takes as starting point the interest, rights and obligations of homeowners and homeowners associations

  • Legal, financial, technical, and social consultancy and training on the general functioning and operating of homeowners associations
  • Specific legal, financial, technical, and social advisory and practical support on a project base
  • Support for the establishment and functioning of homeowners association

à     Advisory on organizational and legal aspects of homeowners associations – organizational bodies, distribution of responsibilities, mechanisms for protection of individual and common rights

à     Advisory on financial and bookkeeping aspects of homeowners associations – financial planning, type of reporting and accounting system, types of funds to be established for the proper functioning of homeowners associations

à     Advisory on property management with emphasis on maintenance and renovation of condominiums – organizational and financial aspects

à      Advisory on rules for living together – types of potential conflict within the homeowners association, types of conflicts with external for the association institutional and private bodies, conflict management and communication techniques

  • Support for the implementation of housing renovation activities

à   Advisory on existing national and local programs for housing renovation – juridical, financial and organizational aspects

à   Advisory and support for establishing necessary relations with relevant institutions and private parties

à   Advisory on the preparation of initial program of requirements for housing renovation project

à   Advisory on implementation and supervision of housing renovation activities

  • Support for contract management

à   Advisory on estimation of needs and preparation of offers according to needs

à   Advisory on organizing a tender, contract management, supervision of contract execution

  • Support for training of voluntary or professional property managers of condominiums


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To whom the CAC Help Desk is dedicated?

  • CAC full institutional members
  • CAC potential institutional members
  • CAC full individual members
  • CAC potential individual members


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How is the CAC Help Desk giving support?


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The activities of the CAC have been kindly supported by the Matra Programme of the Netherlands