Promoting affordable, inclusive and climate neutral housing  

CAC is an independent non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting inclusive, climate-neutral housing and supporting the efforts of homeowners and other key actors to achieve a high-quality living environment. CAC was founded in 2006 with the kind support of the MATRA Programme of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs designed to help strengthen civil society organisations, democracy and the rule of law. CAC Center for Sustainable Housing helps support the urban housing management and renovation process through a suite of consulting services, knowledge transfer and training programmes addressing the quality and sustainability of the built environment. The organisation has a particular focus on improving energy performance and alleviating energy poverty during the entire building lifecycle. CAC Center for Sustainable Housing maintains a strong research platform and network of housing professionals and energy efficiency experts specialised in providing guidance and expertise in analysing end user behaviour and empowering homeowners to take on an active role in the complex process of managing and renovating homes in an affordable and sustainable way as part of the clean energy transition. CAC Center for Sustainable Housing aims to help cultivate the ability of residents to identify with the place in the wider context of achieving a high-performing and healthy built environment which is of paramount importance to people and planet alike.

The CAC web-site has been kindly supported by the Matra Programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands