Promoting affordable, inclusive and climate neutral housing  

CAC is an independant non-profit organisation aiming to promote sustainable housing and support the efforts of homeowners' associations in multi-family residential buildings to achieve high quality of living environment. CAC Centre for Sustainable Housing helps the homeowners’ associations manage and renovate their homes through an established system of knowledge transfer and training in regard to the quality and sustainability of the built environment with particular focus on energy efficiency during the entire building lifecycle. The organisation maintains a strong research platform and network of housing professionals specialised in providing guidance and expertise in assessing the end user behaviour of homeowners and empowering the homeowners' associations in multi-family residential buildings in achieving high standards of their living environment as proactive partners in the complex process of the sustainable management and renovation of their homes. CAC Centre for Sustainable Housing develops the capacity of residents to identity with the place and actively contribute to the quality of urban amenities and services.

The formation of CAC in 2006 has been kindly supported by the MATRA Programme of the Netherlands.

The activities of the CAC have been kindly supported by the Matra Programme of the Netherlands